Goldman Marketing Group acts as your
in-house, full-service marketing team.


We have specialists for every major area of marketing, so you get a full team working to support your needs. Each team member has been specially trained to understand marketing inside of the medical industry. Best of all, since everything is done under one roof, you are guaranteed a very consistent and cohesive marketing strategy.

We focus on developing your business and increasing your practice revenue in three main areas:

  • Attracting new patients
  • Retaining existing patients
  • Cross-marketing existing patients

Unlike other companies that address only certain aspects of marketing, Goldman Marketing Group offers a business development model that is all encompassing. Our comprehensive approach makes it easy to implement a customized marketing and business development strategy with measurable results.

Risa Goldman Luksa, founder and president of Goldman Marketing Group, has been working in medical sales, marketing and business development for over a decade, including pharmaceutical sales, product management, business development, medical education sales and publishing.

Risa has been published in Skin & Allergy News, Currents by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, SURGE by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Family Practice News, Front Line Medical Communications, Vein Magazine, Nursing Consult and Clinical Psychiatry News, and lectures on marketing at medical conferences around the world.

Learn more about Risa Goldman Luksa on Linkedin. Read Risa’s article, Your Waiting Room is an Extension of You, published in Skin & Allergy News. And read her story of The Birth of GMG.

Risa Goldman Luksa Photo
Risa Goldman Luksa
Founder & President

Risa completed her undergraduate studies at Boston University, majoring in communications, advertising and neuropsychology. She has been working in medical sales, marketing and business development for over 12 years, in capacities such as pharmaceutical sales, product management, medical education and practice management. Risa is responsible for all strategic business development, including creating business and marketing plans for each client, overseeing implementation and execution, and tracking results. Learn more about Risa Goldman Luksa on Linkedin

Three Fun Facts

  • Beach bum and mermaid at heart
  • Passionate 3rd world traveler
  • Adrenaline junkie
Mark Rudd Photo
Mark Rudd
VP of Operations

Mark completed the first of his advanced degrees at CSU Fullerton, majoring in Production, Inventory Control & Supply Chain Management. He has spent the last thirty years working with such industry leaders as: Apple Inc. Gannett Publishing, Tribune Publishing and Deluxe Media Services. Mark specializes in Systems Integration and Supply Chain / Process Management. Mark is responsible for Operations management focusing primarily upon continual process improvement to ensure that Goldman Marketing Group is delivering the latest technological advancements and best customer service to all of our amazing clients.

Three Fun Facts

  • Former college professor
  • Rides a Harley Davidson
  • Favorite instrument to play is a Martin 12 string acoustic guitar
Tom Turpin Photo
Tom Turpin
Strategic Advisor

Coming soon

Darren Chow Photo
Darren Chow
Director of Lead Generation

Darren has more than five years of online marketing experience in multiple approaches including: On-page Optimization, Off-page link building, Google Adwords, Site Analysis, and Advertising. For Goldman Marketing Group, he coordinates, plans, and executes search engine optimization efforts to maximize highly-convertible organic visitors. Prior to Goldman Marketing Group, Darren had developed his passion for marketing with the Disney Theme Parks as a Merchandising Administrative Lead.

Three Fun Facts

  • Father to two fur-babies and one non-fur baby
  • Wrestles with sweaty guys twice a week
  • Joined the New California Republic
Ellen McTigue Photo
Ellen McTigue
Director of Accounts and Project Management

Ellen is highly skilled in all facets of project management, marketing, and advertising, with years of experience executing customized strategies and raising brand awareness and loyalty. She specializes in print/OOH, digital and social media campaigns that skyrocket fan engagement and move the sales needle, on local and national levels. Her role with GMG encompasses a wide range of responsibilities including client management, communications and strategy, as well as project management.

Three Fun Facts

  • Purchases expensive workout clothes to not workout in
  • Avoids running out of red wine at all costs
  • Prepared to marry Hugh Jackman at a moment’s notice
Sheva Kafai Photo
Sheva Kafai
Art Director

Sheva is a visual artist with a B.A. in art and concentrations in illustration, graphic design and photography. She is the art director for Goldman Marketing Group’s boutique in-house design studio, Gold Studio. Her role includes developing high-end brand identities and websites, as well as managing a team of designers.

Three Fun Facts

  • Left-handed
  • Desert dwelling
  • Artist
Andrew Cepukas Photo
Andrew Cepukas
Senior Manager of Website Development

Andrew graduated from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania, focusing on multimedia and computer design. Obsessed with technologies from the first time he touched a Gameboy knock-off, he builds his pc as a hobby and websites as a profession. Andrew is responsible for overseeing web development as the Senior Manager of Website Development at Goldman Marketing Group and strives to make the web a better place for everyone, one website at a time.

Three Fun Facts

  • Fluently speaks 3 languages
  • Thinks math problems are fun
  • Misses the headphone jack
Sara Zuboff Photo
Sara Zuboff
Manager of Content Marketing

Coming soon

Justin Robleza Photo
Justin Robleza
Manager of Website Maintenance & Analytics

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Michael Zamora Photo
Michael Zamora
Senior Graphic Designer

Michael completed his undergraduate studies at California State University Northridge, where he majored in Art with a concentration in Graphic Design. During his time at CSUN, Michael worked both on and off campus as a graphic designer for various companies. Before working for Goldman Marketing Group, Michael worked freelance for a variety of clients in many different fields. With Goldman Marketing Group he focuses exclusively on website design.

Three Fun Facts

  • Only child
  • Green tea drinker
  • Pro wrestling fan
Raquel Rivera Photo
Raquel Rivera
Graphic Designer

Raquel graduated from California State University Long Beach where she majored in Studio Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design. After completing an internship program at Warner Bros. Records, Raquel worked as a designer for various local businesses. Soon, she realized her passion in creating designs for companies with strong social responsibility. Having worked in the health industry for years before obtaining her degree, GMG has offered Raquel the chance to use her love for graphic design to support prominent healthcare companies.

Three Fun Facts

  • Animal lover
  • Food truck foodie
  • Explorer of vintage shops
Ernie Leyba Photo
Ernie Leyba
SEO Coordinator

Ernie completed his undergraduate studies at California State University Northridge with a degree in Kinesiology. Prior to joining Goldman Marketing Group, Ernie managed corporate wellness programs at large tech companies in Silicon Valley. At Goldman Marketing Group, his work is focused on SEO, task management, and reporting.

Three Fun Facts

  • Jumps out of airplanes
  • Photographer at heart
  • Nicest guy you will ever meet
Chris Cote Photo
Chris Cote
Marketing Coordinator

Coming soon!

Three Fun Facts

  • Hockey fanatic
  • Main form of transportation is cycling
  • Homemade ice cream is so good he could start his own ice cream business
Elle Broosan Photo
Elle Broosan

Coming soon

Igor Silva Photo
Igor Silva
Strategic Consultant

Igor graduated from the University of Salvador, Brazil, majoring in Communication with concentration in Advertising and Marketing. Streamlined to learn everything and anything about Marketing, he has reinforced this passion by having great success track records with Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Web Analytics which led him to join Goldman Marketing Group as the Vice President of Marketing.

Three Fun Facts

  • Father to two maltipoos
  • Natural leader
  • Positive & ambitious