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Using Social Media to Connect with Your Target Audience

Social media has helped doctors and practices grow their business and patient base in recent years by offering doctors...

April 28, 2023 • By Risa Goldman Luksa

How GMG Handled The Surge of ADA Lawsuits


In February of 2021, we heard about the first doctor being sued over ADA accessibility of their website. Goldman...

October 11, 2021 • By Risa Goldman Luksa

What To Consider Before You Charge A Consult Fee


To generate revenue from a patient, you must first have them find the practice (internet, word of mouth, doctor...

October 11, 2021 • By Risa Goldman Luksa

Google Ads / PPC Case Study: A 41.6% Decrease in Average Cost per Lead

Lead Generation

This client is a weight loss surgery group practicing within the city of Tijuana, Mexico. This business generates a...

March 19, 2021 • By Risa Goldman Luksa

Here’s How to Grow Your Medical Practice with TikTok

BlogsTips & Tricks

By now, you’ve probably heard of the app TikTok, or you’ve at least seen videos created on the app—whether you...

February 26, 2021 • By Risa Goldman

Dos, Don’ts for Practice Marketing During the Pandemic


By Lisette Hilton Originally published in The Dermatology Digest Instinctively, dermatologists might think it best to...

February 1, 2021 • By Risa Goldman Luksa

Top 10 Social Media Trends for 2021

Tips & Tricks

Social media is ever-evolving. Given the events of 2020, it’s almost impossible to predict where we will be in 2021....

January 29, 2021 • By Risa Goldman Luksa

Case Study: Creating a Website for Success

BlogsDesignLead GenerationMarketingWebsites

Hosting a website for your business is standard practice today, but simply creating a website that includes your hours...

January 8, 2021 • By Risa Goldman Luksa

Telehealth: The Next Frontier

MarketingTips & Tricks

This blog has been adapted from a webinar for Loreal/Skinceuticals on November 4, 2020, presented by Risa Luksa,...

January 7, 2021 • By Risa Goldman Luksa

Meet the Team Creating Content at Goldman Marketing Group


Content is key in all marketing campaigns. It’s the words someone reads on a website, a social media post, or in an...

December 2, 2020 • By Risa Goldman Luksa