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Basics of Marketing

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With all of the innovative marketing tools available, sometimes the basics of marketing are forgotten. However, the basics are the foundation of your marketing efforts and need to be your first priority.

First, you need to evaluate your current brand. Here are some things to consider:

  • Is your logo simple yet memorable?
  • Is there a consistent color scheme throughout your logo, office, website, brochures, etc?

Once you have solid branding, a good logo and appropriate color scheme, you can move on to executing more innovative marketing solutions.

Your logo and brand colors should be prominent in all of your marketing initiatives. For example, when you create social media pages, they should all be branded with your colors and logo. This consistency is what will keep your brand in the minds of your consumers/patients.

Here is an example of a Goldman Marketing Group client’s website, Facebook and Twitter. All of which utilize the logo and color scheme to unify marketing efforts.

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