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Challenges That Prevent Marketers From Creating Great Content

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Due to an explosion in interest, the use of content marketing is rapidly becoming mainstream. But with steady growth come plenty of questions, explaining why many marketers are having some painful issues with their content creation and distribution strategies.

That is why we decided to put together a short list on what is ailing marketers, while offering a couple of possible solutions as well. Enjoy!

Identifying Readers

According to recent reports, as many as 80% of marketing professionals never identify their readers. If a content creator does not know who he/she is talking to, how can he/she be held responsible for the outcome of the content he/she generates? Knowing your audience is the most important thing. Obviously, this still applies to content. In fact, more so than in many other cases.

Spotting Good Content

We know, it can be difficult to run a content marketing program that is not product oriented. But the truth is; if you want readers, you have to provide educational and/or informational content. While businesses generate content for different reasons, most do so in hopes of raising awareness and bringing in business.

In our humble opinion, great content marketing is content that is shared and spread by customers and prospects. It just so happens that this content is almost never about YOUR products or services. Sharable content tends to be informational or entertaining, compelling people to action or inspiring people to make a difference. Providing interesting content that does not directly promote your product might seem like a waste of time, but it actually helps build trust and a client base. Long story short, make sure you provide interesting content, and make sure the majority is not about you.

Picking the Right Channel

If you pick the channel before you create the content, you could not be more wrong. Way too many marketers seem to think that the first step in a content marketing strategy is to choose the channel. Those marketers are incorrect, plain and simple. Do not create a Pinterest account and then sit down to discuss what you plan on doing with it. Instead, identify what you want to accomplish and then find a channel that will help you accomplish that. This should always be standard procedure. Do not take part in anything content-related just because you can.

Lack of Knowledge

Sure, a couple of years ago, there was not enough information available on content marketing. People made mistakes, and it was ok because most marketers were still trying to figure it all out. But it is 2012 now, and lack of content marketing knowledge should be a thing of the past. Today, there are some amazing resources. Use them, please.

No Content, Or Not Enough

Plenty of marketers say they do not have enough content. In reality, we all have plenty of it. The problem is that we do not know about it, cannot find it, have not organized it, or do not think it would be valuable in storytelling form. Regardless of how busy you are, recognize the value of providing content. Take the time to identify interesting stories, and lay out the information you have to work with.

Did we miss anything? Are you facing any content marketing challenges that we failed to mention? Let us know in the comments!

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