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Facebook Facelift – Getting To Know The Timeline

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Did you finally figure out how to use Facebook to promote your practice, but are confused again now that the brand pages are in the “timeline” format? While this change can be frustrating, the Facebook facelift offers more marketing power for companies.

The new format allows you to customize your page, highlighting your milestones and achievements. The ability to brand your page can enhance your users’ engagement and experience.

Tips to a successful Facebook Timeline Brand Page


Create a Facebook Timeline Cover Image

The cover image allows you to brand your page and capture the attention of your fans. However there are some strict guidelines about what Facebook does and does not allow you to post as your cover image. Here are the cover image rules:

  • You CAN create an image that includes your brand images, logos, photos and any other visual marks.
  • You CAN’T create an image that has price or purchase info (including any special discounts or promotions), contact info (website, phone number, email, mailing address, etc), references to user interface elements (such as “Like Our Page”), nor can the cover image have a call to action (such as “Tell Your Friends” or “Call Today”)

*Cover image dimensions: 851 x 315 pixels

Examples of GMG cover images:

La Peer Facebook Cover Image

GBK Facebook Cover Image

RhinoplastyNet Facebook Cover

Landing Page Doesn’t Exist Anymore 

The landing page was a great way to connect with new fans the first time they came to your Facebook page. But with the new Facebook timeline, you can no longer set a tab as a default landing page.

Instead of a landing page, you now need to optimize your cover image. Your cover image will need to capture your users’ attention so they are prompted to explore your Facebook page further.

Tabs Are Now Apps

Apps are the new tabs. Apps will appear underneath the cover image. There are many ways to leverage apps in order to maximize their marketing power.

  • 4 apps are always displayed underneath your Facebook cover image
  • You can have up to 14 apps on your timeline
  • You can create custom thumbnails for your apps

*App image size: 111 x 74 pixels

Milestones Highlight Key Events

You can set milestones for your business for both current and past dates. This is a great way to highlight key events such as a grand opening, launch of a new product, new partnership or achievement.

*Milestone images are 843 x 403 pixels.

Highlight Important Posts

You can set any post to be “highlighted,” which means it will take up the entire page. This allows you to bring special attention to a particular post within the timeline.

The new Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages may seem tricky, but overall we believe it offers some great new marketing tools. If you need help setting up your Facebook Timeline contact Goldman Marketing Group today!

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