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Major Improvements for Facebook Pages

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Ask, and you shall receive. It certainly feels this way after Facebook just announced a potentially game-changing update to its Pages. For some time now, Facebook Page Administrators have demanded an update, claiming managing several different pages is more difficult than it needs to be.

It seems safe to say Facebook finally listened. The new update lets Page administrators schedule posts, potentially making third-party apps like HootSuite a thing of the past. Posts can be scheduled up to six months in advance at 15-minute intervals. For more information on this, we suggest you turn to the Facebook Help Center Page.

A new help center page from Facebook also outlines how brand pages now can dole out specific duties to multiple page administrators, each with varying degrees of permissions. This should make managing different pages and having different roles much easier.

The chart below outlines the new roles of managers, content creators, moderators, advertisers, and insights analysts.

We really like these changes, and think it will make page administration much easier. What do you think? Are these the features and changes you have been waiting for?


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