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Three Steps to Get Your Medical Practice Back on Track After the COVID-19 Pandemic

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What a wild year it has been! We are all eager to get back to a sense of normalcy. With that being said, it is imperative to understand that we have all endured this experience together, and this should not be ignored inside medical practices. Every individual will have their own set of specific concerns, and, although they may differ, our common denominator is COVID-19.

As we navigate new territory, there are a lot of variables that need to be addressed. How do we market to an audience who may still be out of work? How do we navigate our own offices and ensure all protocols are being maintained? 

1. Marketing and Messaging 

The way we communicate to our audience after all they’ve been through is extremely important in re-establishing and maintaining your reputation with them. Are you a money-hungry practice who just wants to increase revenue, or are you a practice that is concerned for all patients and staff? It is imperative to keep your patients updated consistently across the board utilizing: 

  • Email marketing 
  • Website pop-up and informational pages 
  • Local listings and COVID-19 banners / disclaimers 
  • Team member scripts to use on the phone and templates for email

2. Welcoming Patients Back into the Office 

As we go back to work and provide high-quality service to our patients, it’s important to note that every patient will be different in terms of when they feel safe coming back to the office wearing a mask for a visit or when they are comfortable taking their mask off for a procedure like lip fillers. Consider:

  • Creating informative videos and photos showing the COVID-19 safety protocols and what to expect upon arrival. 
  • Recording a patient testimonial attesting to his/her experience inside the office with COVID-19 protocols in place. 
  • Sourcing branded face masks / PPE gear to give patients.

3. Virtual Consultations 

Make virtual consultations a permanent part of your service offerings. To follow best practices, make sure you:

  • Create a simple how does it work / step-by-step instructional video or blog so patients know what to expect. 
  • Have a unique protocol and checklist for your office staff, as it should not be the same as an in-person visit (for example, you cannot be a minute late for a virtual appointment!). Virtual consultations need a robust follow up plan to ensure you provide a timely quote and schedule the treatment.
  • Ensure you are using HIPAA-compliant software for every touch point and that your malpractice insurance covers the virtual visit. 
  • Consider the pros and cons of doing live visits versus video messaging back and forth. Not all virtual consultations need to be live!

Overall, recovering from COVID-19 will be a team effort. Every practice will need to set clear expectations for both patients and the internal team to ensure messaging is clear and consistent across the board.

Need Help Getting Back on Track After COVID-19?

Goldman Marketing Group has guided clients through the COVID-19, and many are already back on track to where they were before the pandemic. If your practice needs help navigating these uncertain times, contact us today and let our team of industry leaders get to work for you.

See article as printed in the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery’s publication Currents

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