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What content works best?

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Truth is it depends on your industry, clientele, target market, and several other variables. There is no single type of content marketing that works best for all companies, but there are several types of content you can utilize as part of any content marketing plan.

Most businesses focuses on content that can extend a brand’s reach beyond a website or blog. While diversification and unique approaches are key, here is a list of different types of content to focus on.

1) Videos

No other medium engenders emotion the way video does. But don’t create a video with hopes of it “going viral.” Instead, focus on creating awareness by offering videos of value to clients and potential clients who have a genuine interest in your brand and services.

2)  Q&As

Answering questions on websites like RealSelf and Avvo is great for one particular reason; people who post questions to sites like that tend to be further along in the buying process.

But be careful, people get irritated when you try to sell them on “your stuff” prematurely. Instead, provide valuable, timely, and accurate answers while still making it clear that you can help if needed.

3)  Case Studies

Case studies (read success stories), can be content positioned in the media or on your own website. Ideally, you will serve up these cases in a way that allows your potential customer to see or experience their problem being solved through your product or service. Case studies work throughout the buying process but especially during the early stages when the buyer is still trying to define their problem and the products and solutions that can solve them.

4) Reviews

Get a lot of reviews, and try to make most of them positive. The best reviews are objective and come from people who are seen as either similar to the buyer, someone who has expertise that the buyer values, or someone the buyer trusts.

Reviews can also be used on your own site. For example, place excerpts from the best reviews on landing pages because this placement lifts response by as much as a full percentage point.

5) Newsletters

Yes, people still read newsletters. Yes, it is still a valuable form of content. Newsletters are generally great for generating more leads and for building a stronger relationship with current clients. However, in order for this to be successful, you should put out newsletters fairly regularly (once a month) in order to develop your readership. That is how you keep most customers and prospects interested and aware of your presence.

A newsletter works to keep you top of mind with prospects and existing customers throughout the buying cycle and even afterwards. That is when you want to turn customers into advocates.

What do you think about our list? Did we miss anything? What content do you think works best? Let us know in the comments!

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