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A Great Way To Cross-Market Your Practice

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Doctors have a wide array of services they offer, but many patients don’t know everything their doctor has to offer. The idea of cross-marketing is easily overlooked in medical practices. There are many ways to cross-market your practice and the best place to start is your waiting room.

The waiting room is one of the best areas to cross-market your practice. Why? Because your patients are there and you can easily capture their attention.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what part of your practice you want to increase. Did you just get a new device or machine? Market it in your waiting room! Create a brochure or set out pamphlets about the benefits of your new device or machine. Just remember to keep your brochure in line with the rest of your branded materials.

menu of services is another important marketing material to have. However, many doctors place it in an inconspicuous place where patients won’t read it. Instead, place it throughout your waiting room so it is easily accessible.

Goldman Marketing Group feels it is paramount to the success of your practice to cross-market services to existing patients. For more information, please contact us.

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