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The Power of YouTube

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Google is obviously the #1 search engine, but did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine?

With 3 billion video views daily, YouTube attracts more searches than Yahoo or Bing. And therefore is a very powerful marketing tool.

Creating a YouTube page for your practice will help you interact with your current patients and potential patients in a whole new arena. Here are some quick tips to making the most of your YouTube channel:

  • Customize your YouTube channel. Do not leave the generic background. In the very least change the background colors to match the colors you use on your website. If you have the resources, create a customized graphic to set as your background to make your channel more memorable.
  • Create and upload videos that are informational, yet convey your personality and professional philosophy. Patient testimonial videos are also an invaluable resource.
  • Manage comments that viewers make about your videos. Use this as an opportunity to engage with your patients. You can respond to their comments, whether they are negative or positive.
  • Add tags to your videos so that people can find your videos more easily.
  • Promote your YouTube videos through other social media communities, like Facebook and Twitter. You can also add these videos throughout your website to maximize views.
  • Don’t neglect your channel. If possible, try to upload new videos every 1-2 months. But if you don’t have new videos, at least sign in to your YouTube page regularly and keep track of comments.

Here are some examples of the YouTube pages and videos Goldman Marketing Group has created for clients.

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