Business Development



At its core, Goldman Marketing Group is a consulting firm focused on developing your business and increasing your practice’s revenue by attracting new patients, retaining existing patients, and cross-marketing to existing patients.

Our comprehensive approach makes it easy to implement a customized marketing and business development strategy with measurable results. Ample time will be spent assessing goals, designing marketing programs, implementing and executing the plans, and tracking the return-on-investment (ROI) closely.

Business Development Services Offered by GMG

  • Strategize on campaigns to increase referrals regionally, domestically, and/or internationally for your specific points of interest and per your desires.
  • Work to help your practice go out-of-network for insurance and/or move to a cash or concierge business model.
  • Ensure at least 50% of your business is a direct result of your website and online marketing. The remainder should come 25% from physician referrals and 25% from patient referrals.
  • Ensure the core value proposition of your brand and your physicians, including publications, research, and success rates, are clearly communicated across all marketing platforms.
  • Work with your practice management software and staff to track return-on-investment for marketing as a whole as well as specific marketing campaigns.
  • On a monthly basis, provide a detailed report to review what has been accomplished, what is upcoming, which marketing programs are proving the most successful, and what strategy tweaks are recommended to ensure the highest return-on-investment.

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