Social Media Management



Social media is becoming an increasingly important element of a company’s SEO strategy.

Although it is occasionally useful for acquiring new patients, the main goals of social media are patient retention and cross marketing. Facebook, Twitter and other platforms enable companies to communicate with patients without sending annoying email blasts or expensive mailers. Additionally, social media provides a way to remind patients softly of all of the services you offer. Realself, a social media platform for aesthetic physicians, can in fact bring new patients to the practice and provides a strong ROI if done correctly. Lastly, outside blogging in health forums is a great way to connect with potential new patients.

Goldman Marketing Group handles social media marketing from start to finish for our clients, including branding each page with customized banners and icons. Additionally, we add relevant information to each site and post unique content three times a week. As a rule of thumb, less than 20% of all posts should be promotional. The goal is instead to provide educational and useful information to your followers to help you stay an authority in the field.

In addition to its uses for patient retention and cross-marketing, social media is becoming increasingly important as part of an SEO strategy. Google can see if you have a lot of followers on Instagram or “likes” on Facebook. Within the next few years, Google will likely use this data, as well as the content of your posts, in calculating its SEO algorithm.

Though it is just starting to become popular, Google Plus, Google’s own social media platform, is important for growing your circles, making ripples and tagging content. Pinterest is also becoming a strong social media platform that has proven to be a valuable website referral source.