RealSelf Marketing


Realself can be a strong referral source for high-quality patients if utilized correctly.  Due to GMG’s affiliation with Realself, any spotlight advertising comes with a 10% discount, and you will have first dibs for new programs and opportunities.

Our approach starts with a full optomization and revamp for your profile page including custom graphics.  Then we look into the available spotlights (ie realself ads) and the ROI from what you are currently running (if any) and put together a forward advertising strategy.

Next our trained team of medical writers can help answer questions, anywhere from 5 a week to 50 a day.

Then, we utilize the answers on realself to help integrate as FAQs on your website and for social media for maximum exposure.  We also integrate videos into the answers on realself and ensure they are fully optimized for maximum exposure.

Finally, we set up a tracking mechanisms and keep a close watch on the ROI for your realself ad spend to ensure your dollars are being well spent!

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