Practice Management



A positive patient experience inside a practice is fundamental to a successful marketing campaign.

The goal of almost any medical marketing campaign is to encourage patients to call for appointments. However, your online marketing spend might be for naught if a patient’s first impression on the phone is a negative one. Additionally, both patient retention and word-of-mouth referrals are contingent upon visitors having positive experiences in your office.

Goldman Marketing Group works with practices to ensure that their front desks and waiting rooms are extensions of their brands, so patients have positive experiences from the moment they call until the moment they leave the office. We also help practices assess and improve current patient experiences by sending out satisfaction surveys.

Additional practice management services include business plan generation, advanced phone and customer service training, pricing and discount analysis, process improvements, staff hiring and training, internal sales processes, incentive programs and bonus structures, financial review, new equipment purchases, negotiating with vendors, waiting room marketing, patient reactivation campaigns, return on investment analysis and so much more.

Learn more about your front desk’s role in marketing, including secret shipper calls, phone training, customer service training and staff incentivization! Contact us for more information about how GMG can help your practice grow.

Risa Goldman Luksa recently spoke at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery about the importance of waiting room marketing. Check out her lecture in the slideshow below.

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