Concierge Contact Center


Goldman Marketing Group’s concierge contact center allows us to precisely track new patient leads and ROI for every marketing dollar spent.

The goal of almost any medical marketing campaign is to get new patients in the door. However, having a front desk staff that is improperly trained or just too busy could be preventing you from scheduling the maximum number of patients.

Additionally, staff members who are constantly on the phone may be unable to attend to patients already in the office.

At our concierge contact center located in Burbank, Los Angeles, our focus is on providing the accurate, detailed information needed to get patients to make appointments with your practice while freeing up staff to attend to patients in the office. However, we are more than an ordinary call center, as we do a lot more than answer calls!

At our concierge contact center, our highly trained staff also follows up with patients to ensure all their questions were answered and checks in after appointments to make certain treatment experiences were positive.

Additionally, utilizing a call center helps prevent phones from ringing off the hook and disturbing the quiet and serenity of your waiting room.

Our contact center services include:

  • Phone management of all leads
  • Scheduling leads
  • Transfering necessary calls to appropriate person at the doctor’s office
  • Email inquiry management for all websites
  • Following up on all leads (via phone and email)
  • Call recording and detailed tracking
  • Custom on-hold recording
  • After-hours support
  • Providing assistance with insurance verification
  • Handling patient reactivation where appropriate (i.e. Botox patients who have not been back for over 6 months.)
  • ROI analysis and tracking from marketing source –> call –> consult –> procedure/surgery –> insurance payment
  • Monthly reporting to see conversion rates and ROI from each marketing initiative
  • Quarterly reporting at investor meetings so doctors can see  the ROI for our marketing initiatives, how many patients we have sent to each office and what revenue we have helped generate for each physician.

Ultimately, the concierge contact center will lead to a much higher conversion rate for incoming patient leads, and therefore make your marketing efforts more profitable. As a side bonus, utilizing a contact center is more cost effective than managing the work in house, as you do not need to pay for salary or staff benefits.

Contact us today for more information about how GMG’s concierge contact center can help your practice grow.

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