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Content is King

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Content marketing involves the creation or sharing of content for the purpose of engaging current and potential consumers. High-quality, relevant, and valuable information drives profitability – making content king.

Content marketing is not about boasting, nor is it about bombarding your audience. It is not about plastering your message everywhere, or about sharing content for the sake of sharing content.

Content marketing is about providing high-quality and valuable content to audiences who have an actual interest in the product/service offered.

This type of marketing is in the limelight because brands now spend more money on digital marketing than they do on traditional marketing. Meanwhile, getting the attention of consumers is becoming increasingly difficult. If you don’t do it right, how your customers or potential customers view your products/services and brand can be damaged.

With that in mind, here is a list of the current Top 3 common content marketing mistakes:

1)     Not integrating content

Mainstream media can go with social media. Content created in support of a specific promotion may work with mass media advertising. Integrating and cross-promoting content with other marketing initiatives is not always a bad idea. Take advantage of the different channels.

2)     Promoting poor content

Readers simply won’t engage with content that doesn’t resonate with them. Content must educate or entertain, be novel or amusing. If a reader reacts and takes action by interacting, you have done your job by hooking their interest.

Branded content needs to be a shareable, consumable format, and although tempting, it cannot be overly promotional. You can’t mask an ad as a blog post. The worst thing for a brand to do is drive a user to content through an ad or link, only to serve overly promotional fluff pieces. They won’t be engaged, and they won’t come back.

3)     Only worrying about bottom line results

Not every online initiative can be directly tied to the bottom line.

Example: There is tremendous value in awareness campaigns, but they are difficult to tie directly to sales.

Content marketing reaches customers further up the marketing funnel, and ideally turns interest into action once the content is consumed. It is not necessarily about the bottom line, it is about awareness. Content ultimately gives consumers or potential consumers an opportunity to engage, interact, and familiarize themselves with the brand in a low-pressure environment.

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