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How To Get More Likes & Shares on Facebook

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Thanks to the tracking of 1.3 million posts from 10,000 brand pages, we now know more about how businesses get Likes, Shares, and Comments on the ever-popular social networking site Facebook.

Photos bring in the highest number of engagement across the board, followed by text and video. Meanwhile, if you want your fans to engage, you might want to stay clear of sending out links as it brings in the least amount of likes, shares, and comments.

Posts with a high number of self-referential words such as “I” and “me” get more likes, as opposed to brand pages that refer to themselves in third person.

Timing is also key. For best results, try to post when others are not, as there is less competition for space and interest. The 1.3 million posts that were analyzed showed that the absolute ideal time to post is on Saturdays and Sundays, when people generally spend more time on Facebook.

The study of the 10,000 brand pages will certainly help social media marketers and businesses looking for more engagement. But as with any kind of social media marketing, the best way to improve engagement is to provide interesting and high-quality content that speaks to your unique audience.

Breaking things down:

  • If you want more Likes, photos works best, links the worst.
  • If you want more Comments, text works best, links the worst.
  • If you want more Shares, photos works best, links the worst.
  • Short posts get the most Likes, while longer posts are likelier to get Shares.
  • Self-referential posts get more likes than posts made in 3rd person.
  • A neutral tone gets little attention, while controversial posts spark conversation.
  • Likes spike during Saturdays and Sundays.

Now that you have this information, will you change or tweak your social media strategy based on the specific metrics you value? Let us know in the comments!

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