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Keys to Writing a Good Press Release

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Press releases are a great resource for distributing announcements about your company.

Here are some tips to writing noteworthy press releases:

Captivating headlines: A headline that catches readers’ eyes is integral to a good press release. If readers are not pulled in by your headline, then they are most likely not going to read the entire press release.

Get straight to the point: Within the first sentence or two, tell readers the essentials of what you want them to know. The rest of the press release can expand into further detail.

Give quotes: Provide quotes from the CEO or an executive to provide information straight from the source.

Leave your contact info: Make sure you include a link to your website and all of your contact info (phone number, address, etc.) so readers can easily contact you.

Proofread: This step sounds simple, but it is easily forgotten. Do not let typos slip through for your readers to catch. Take an extra 5 minutes and carefully read over your press release to avoid any embarrassing mistakes.

Spread the word: While your press release distribution service sends out your press release for you, you should also promote it on your company website, Facebook and Twitter.

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