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Top 10 Social Media Trends for 2021

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Social media is ever-evolving. Given the events of 2020, it’s almost impossible to predict where we will be in 2021. But we do see clear emerging trends, which should impact our marketing decisions moving forward.

1. Keep COVID-19 in mind. Patients and social media followers will be interested in staying informed about your practice’s COVID-19 prevention measures including cleanliness and contactless office processes.

2. Incorporate humor and inspirational posts. Everybody loves memes, GIFs, and motivating quotes. Mix up your feed in 2021 with some of these to let your followers get to know you on a more personal level.

3. Get nostalgic. Now more than ever, everyone loves to look back at the “olden days”— or even just the days before COVID-19. Share #ThrowbackThursday photos from past events, like skin cancer screenings or cutting the ribbon at a new practice location.

4. Direct messages (DMs). People want to communicate on their terms. So while some patients will be fine with traditional phone calls or emails, many want to communicate using Instagram or Facebook. Assign someone to monitor your social media comments and DMs.

5. Games are fun. Anything you can turn into an interactive game is ideal, such as multiple-choice questions. For example, post a before and after photo and ask your followers to guess what procedures were performed!

6. Consider new mediums. Podcasts are growing faster than ever, as are virtual events, so consider working them into your social media marketing mix.

7. Live still wins. Going live on social media is still the best way to get extra exposure with your followers! You can have pre-scheduled lives, or just go live on the spot! Tip: Live videos should be at least a few minutes long!

8. IG and FB stay in the lead. Despite TikTok and other new platforms popping up, Instagram and Facebook will still dominate the world of social media.

9. Be socially conscious. Patients and followers enjoy hearing your feelings and reactions to local and global issues, even if they are outside the world of dermatology or healthcare.

10. Reels and stories. Utilizing the newest features on IG, such as Reels, is a surefire way to stay ahead of the curve.

Above all, you should consider your social media pages as important as your website in terms of your online presence. Make sure you have a good “look” (i.e. your feed’s aesthetic or pattern); that your highlight reels act as a menu of services patients can use as a source for information; and keep your contact information and calls to action updated (we recommend Linktree or similar webpage like @ASDSSkinMD uses allowing you to add multiple links to your Instagram bio).

As always, ensure you have a good mix of content, from still original photography and custom-designed graphics to videos and IGTV — everyone wants variety to keep them engaged!

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See article as printed in the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery’s publication Currents