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How to Use Pinterest to Increase Traffic to Your Medical Practice

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Like all popular social media platforms, Pinterest is all about the visual appeals and business professionals have found a way to use Pinterest as a successful marketing tool. The same can be true for medical professionals, but you just have to know how to make it work for the industry.

Steps to Take to Increase Traffic from PinterestMedical Marketing

As a medical professional you can use Pinterest to bring traffic to your site by methodically sharing certain types of popular visuals such as before and after photos and catchy health facts which link back to your practice’s website.

It’s not enough to just share appealing photos from your medical practice’s website, but it does play a large role in the success that Pinterest can bring to your referrals.

Set Up Your Account

First start off by setting up your new Pinterest account and verifying your website in the account section. This will allow your website to come up in search results and will display your website link on Pinterest.

Create Boards

Create an attractive Pinterest Board Page that with healthcare and wellness topics, but don’t be afraid to branch out to topics that are not directly related to your medical field. For example, as an optometrist you may decide to have a Pin board about different treatments, one about healthy food and another one about eyewear. Pinterest is a visual platform and your Pinterest profile is essentially your Pin Boards, so while you do want your boards to reflect health topics you ideally want it to be colorful and appealing.

Pin Images from Your Website

When you Pin photos from your practice’s website, you will have an opportunity to write a caption. It’s important to use relevant and specific keyword phrases in the caption so that the image will come up on Pinterest searches. If for example you are sharing a before and after photo of a rhinoplasty procedure, you can write: A before and after look at rhinoplasty by Los Angeles plastic surgeons. 

Let’s backtrack to your medical practice’s website. If you are selling health products or want to set up consultations for certain procedures, the goal is to drive traffic to a landing page that will gain you readers, clients or subscribers. As Pinterest is a visual platform, you should have a photo that people will want to Pin to their boards from your website. When the photo is Pinned on Pinterest, it will have a link to the web page it was shared from. When the photo gets shared over and over again you will likely have people clicking through the image to your website.

Join Group Boards 

To get maximum exposure, join Group Boards that are related health related and Pin images that are from your website to these group boards. Group boards are a powerful resource because for every member within the group, all things pinned there will instantly be shared with each of their followers. You can find popular Group Pin Boards by visiting pingroupie.com

If you type in your web address in the Pinterest search bar, you will be able to see all of the images linked to your website that have been shared by others as well. The more your images have been shared, you will likely see an increase in social media referrals from Pinterest.

Have you used Pinterest to increase traffic to your medical practice’s website?