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Using A Successful Webinar Series To Stay Connected Through COVID-19 and Beyond

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Practices are opening up, restrictions are beginning to loosen, so what’s next? If you’ve tuned in to our three-part webinar series with our founder Risa Luksa, you’d know that maintaining the same marketing strategy will not suffice. The big takeaway from COVID-19 is that we must be even more innovative in our marketing plans moving forward and ensure we are meeting the needs of our patients and clients. 

There have been two extremely important tools we have implemented for our clients during this pandemic, which can be broken up in two phases. The first phase brought on by this pandemic involved the creation of virtual consultations. For phase 2, the big question was, “How exactly do we stay connected to our patients during quarantine?” This critical question led to the development of a webinar series that was kicked off by Goldman Marketing Group and Cosmetic Laser Dermatology

The “Staying Beautiful & Confident During COVID-19” webinar series offered by Cosmetic Laser Dermatology has been a great success. Most of the webinar’s success can be attributed to not only the phenomenal team at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, but the teamwork of Goldman Marketing Group, their efforts, their time, and the appreciation of their craft. 

The following are key performance indicators for the webinar series: 

Key Takeaways

  • There were a total of 14 webinars (and counting) that the doctors at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology and staff at Goldman Marketing Group produced for patients and non-patients! During the start of COVID-19, our founder Risa Luksa moderated these webinars daily. Now that we are finally recovering from this pandemic, and due to the success of the webinar series, we have continued with them, now offering webinars roughly once a week and planning to continue once a month ongoing
  • The webinar series was marketed in such a way that we actually reached a total of 37.5% of viewers or attendees that were not patients of the practice!  Of them, 64% were local to the area, so this tells us we have likely driven a number of NEW patients to the practice as a result of the webinar series!  
  • 568 people signed up on Zoom specifically for the webinar series, all of which were added to our master email lists.
  • The most successful webinar had a total of 1,382 views combined from the live webinar on Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  
  • All the webinars combined received over 9,000 views across all platforms! 
  • 96% of viewers felt as though their expectations were either met or exceeded.
  • All attendees are followed up with as a ‘lead’ for the practice by the front desk staff and through a drip-email campaign.

These are great numbers and great exposure for any practice! Not only are you educating your patients and audience, but they are also getting answers in a conversational and approachable capacity.  

Goldman Marketing Group’s Role:

So what does it take to facilitate, maintain, present, and find success in a webinar series? It takes a team! Our team at Goldman Marketing Group worked closely together to put this into fruition and it was the team at Goldman Marketing Group, alongside the very talented and educated doctors as Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, that made the success of this webinar series possible. 

Action Items: 

  • Set up and strategy: From start to finish, Goldman Marketing Group is hands-on! This includes the Zoom account set up from the initial phases of the webinar series to the actual brainstorming of topics and idea creation. 
  • Live webinar moderation: Our very talented founder, Risa Luksa, offers her skill set to moderate the webinars. Moderating includes introducing the webinar and speaker, informing viewers how to utilize the Q&A features, fielding questions and handling live for the Q&A portion, marketing/reminders for future webinars, and communicating directly with attendees to help them schedule an appointment at the conclusion of the webinar.
  • Branding: A large part of the process regards brand development. This includes branding for zoom, reminder and follow-up emails, registration page, and more.
  • Marketing: The last key component to a webinar’s success is the marketing and advertising to drive viewers!  This included email marketing, social media marketing, website marketing, and front desk and staff training and communication tools. 

Although we are slowly moving into a post-COVID-19 era, with a sense of resumed normalcy, a lesson learned from the webinar series is that patients enjoy the authentic connection with their providers, as well as enjoy learning more information regarding the types of treatment they are interested in.  

We highly suggest your practice implement webinars once a week or once a month if possible to give your brand/practice great exposure and provide valuable education and touch-base points for your existing and potential future patients.

Head over to Cosmetic Laser Dermatology’s channel to view the success of the webinars for yourself! If you would like more information about how Goldman Marketing Group can help set up and manage a webinar series for your practice, please reach out.

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