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We’ve been in the business of marketing, business development, and lead generation for medical practices for almost a decade now, and wow has it changed over the years.  The same tactics that worked in 2015 are no longer relevant. Even some of the same tactics that worked in 2018 are outdated. Here is my rundown of what is working now, in 2019, and what is now a thing of the past.



  1. Facebook advertising
  2. Google AdWords / pay per click
  3. Postcard mailers
  4. Doctor networking liaisons, on foot, setting up lunches
  5. Email marketing with purchased lists
  6. Social media – driving numbers by buying engagement and likes, focusing heavily on Facebook
  7. Fancy websites full of textual information
  8. Seo – all about backlinks – and thousands of them



  1. Content content content – video, photos, blogs, emails, social, live, infographics, visual examples, and everything in between. Content is king and can be cross utilized on almost every marketing avenue.
  2. Email marketing – consistent, short and useful updates that are easy to digest and memorable
  3. Social media – 80% focus on Instagram with video posts, stories, and live – all day, every day, deep engagement with followers and comments.  After Instagram, weekly attention on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  4. RealSelf – optimizing your profile with videos, photos, information, patient reviews, and thousands of Q&As
  5. Online reviews – focused on Google and Yelp, 100+ reviews, each with a thoughtful and personalized public reply
  6. SEO – focusing on organic search rankings, both local and non produces the best ROI in the long run.  If done correctly, the leads are high quality, sustains over time, and it continues to improve quarter to quarter.  Focus is highly on content and on-page, including streamlined title tags, authoritative outbound links, interlinking, and more personalized content.
  7. Website – App-like, mobile first, media heavy, conversion focused.  Tons of useful information and personality, all segmented and organized in ‘nuggets’ and in various forms of media.
  8. Brand equity – unique voice, tone, brand message, vibe, look/feel.  All of it needs to be on-point, and 1000% cohesive across every platform whether online, in print, in office, and on the phone.
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